Randomly setting off cricketing (and non-cricketing) fires

A few random thoughts:

We are into the second day of the Lords’s Test between Sri Lanka and England. The home side leads 1-0 following a devastating collapse by the Lankans on the last day of a boring first Test. We don’t need T20 if we can have wickets falling like nine-pins in less than an hour.

Now, if only we had a way of figuring out which session of a Test match will have all the excitement. I’d buy season tickets.

The evening of the final days’s play in the first Test was also an occasion to trot out over-used clichés about the game:

“Cricket is a funny game. Anything can happen, anytime.”

“Cricket and its glorious uncertainties.”

“Test cricket is the winner.”

“You never know.”

“A bad day in the office.”

The West Indian Cricket Board,in their collective wisdom, decided to omit Chris Gayle from the T20 and ODI sides. That’s only fair—to the Indians.Surely, you don’t want the Indian youngsters feel the wrath of his bat all over again. They seem pretty shell-shocked and with that nice lad, Suresh Raina, as skipper. The Windies is a hospitable place, indeed.

The Indian media posed some awkward questions to the “nice lad” about a picture at Shirdi with a prominent Indian bookie–in a collegial pose, holding his left shoulder.  Raina denies knowing the said person claiming he cannot be responsible for “pile-ons”.  This is the second instance of the young southpaw linked to shady elements.

The West Indian side have watched ‘Fire in Babylon’ five times in the past five months. If that doesn’t light the fire, nothing else will. Maybe, Ernest Hilaire can.

We all are worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm.

Winston Churchill

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