Korean GP: Sebastian Vettel Laps Fastest—One Last Time

Formula One 2009 Rd.15 Japanese GP: Sebastian ...

What he said:

“It’s probably more to do with the ego because there are no points, so it’s really stupid from my side, but now I’ve got one, I’m happy."

Youngest two-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel dedicates the fastest lap of the race at the Korea Grand Prix to his ego.

Vettel won 10 races this season but had just one fastest lap against his name until Korea.

Vettel pulled out all stops on his final circle to secure the fastest lap ignoring suggestions from his Red Bull team to take it easy.

Vettel said:

I think they will kill me now.On the radio they initially said ‘you didn’t get the fastest lap’ which obviously isn’t true. Then they came back on the radio and said ‘idiot, you got it’.

It’s really stupid. I think in other races it doesn’t really make sense, but on the last lap I had a good feeling, and yeah, I was pushing a bit harder to get the fastest lap. It’s a small thing.

What Vettel really meant:

“Smart driving wins championships; fast driving wins laps.”

What Vettel definitely didn’t:

“I’m atavistic,not bull-headed.”

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One response to “Korean GP: Sebastian Vettel Laps Fastest—One Last Time”

  1. kickingsport says :

    An interesting one. Can’t blame aa F1 driver for driving faster than the rest, can they? A real champion.



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