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Ravi Rampaul: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Ravi Rampaul Plays Villain To Sachin Tendulkar’s Devils

What he said:

“I got the feeling that I was the villain as soon as Sachin went.”

Ravi Rampaul is anointed villain of the piece when the Indian first innings story in the third Test did not go per script.

Sachin Tendulkar missed his 100th international hundred (once again) caught behind for 94 off Rampaul.

The pacer’s  moment of joy was short-lived as the Wankhede crowd made their displeasure known.

Rampaul said:

I got the feeling that I was the villain as soon as Sachin went. When I was back to the boundary I got ‘abused’ in a way but that’s how cricket goes. I know I have let a lot of Sachin fans down and heart broken. But we can’t just let him go out there and play freely. We had our jobs to do such as he had his job to do.

What he really meant:

“If my job makes me enemy to the crowd, so be it. I play for my side.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“Sachin’s my hero. I’d  never plan him out.”

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Is Messr Vinod Kambli a liar?

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