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Kevin Pietersen: What he said, really meant and definitely didn’t

Kevin Pietersen believes that writing a tell-it-all (or blame-them-all) autobiography is curative.

Kevin Pietersen after training at Adelaide Oval

Kevin Pietersen after training at Adelaide Oval (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What he said:

“And it was papering over a lot of cracks, and so for me it’s been very therapeutic to get it out there.”

Kevin Pietersen chatting with Phil Walker of All Out Cricket reveals that disclosing his side of the story in his memoirs “KP: The Autobiography” was necessary for his peace of mind.

Pietersen said:

“I’ve needed to do this. I’ve needed to tell the world. There have been too many character assassinations and continual leaks to certain journalists about me, and things that I’ve supposedly done, which are absolute garbage. So I’ve needed to be honest, I’ve needed to be open. With a book like this, with all the allegations in it, you don’t do it faint-heartedly, you don’t do it without any evidence, and so I took a lot of time going through this, and David Walsh and I are really proud of what we produced.”

On the effect his revelations have had on the English game’s reputation:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m heartbroken, mate. But you know what? Sometimes, in order for things to happen, in order for things to change, you sometimes have to hit rock bottom. I’m incredibly proud that I’ve been able to unearth some of the stuff I’ve unearthed because it was a horrible place for some players, and a lot of players feel aggrieved with a lot of the stuff that they’ve had to put up with. And it was papering over a lot of cracks, and so for me it’s been very therapeutic to get it out there. And I hope that even if I don’t ever play for England again that English cricket will look at this, they’ll have a look at this, and they’ll start sorting things out.”

English: Scarecrow Number 3, a cricketer with ...

English: Scarecrow Number 3, a cricketer with the face of Kevin Pietersen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Pietersen really meant:

 “It’s just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Pietersen.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“I really flowered under (Andy) Flower.”

Andy Flower: What he said, really meant and definitely did not


Andy Flower Calls Foul On The Written Word

What he said:

I personally don’t think that it’s a good idea for current players to be talking about their fellow players. The written word does come across very, very differently — when you can’t judge a person’s tone — and particularly with Swann’s words, that is an accurate and important point.

English cricket team director, Andy Flower, is unequivocal that Graeme Swann was inappropriate in his criticism of then skipper and fellow teammate, Kevin Pietersen, in his autobiography, “The Breaks Are Off”—serialised in an English daily.

Swann is severe on Pietersen terming him the wrong person for the job.

Flower, however, brushed aside suggestions that the book has caused strife within the team.

Flower said:

“It’s all been handled in-house — without many problems. Pietersen and Swann get on well, and I think Pietersen has handled it very maturely.”

Commenting further on Pietersen, currently touring India for the return ODI series, Flower considers the No.4 an integral part of the squad:

When Kevin was competing in the game any -comments in a book had no place in his mind.

I expect him to score runs, that is why we pick him. If we didn’t expect it we wouldn’t pick him so I look -forward to him doing that soon. I personally disagree with -current players making comments about their team-mates. My personal opinion is that it is not the right thing to do.

I don’t think the commercial opportunities are that important to be honest. However, I think Pietersen has handled it very well and he and Swann get on fine. I think he has handled it very maturely and there aren’t any issues arising from it.

What Flower  really meant:

“What you say, is very, very different when it’s written out. There’s a finality about  it that’s damning. One thing to hear it, quite another to read it—in print.”

What Flower definitely didn’t:

“I guess it’s all right if the same thing were to be reiterated over and over again—verbally! Sledge him with it, chaps.”

“Naive” Monty Panesar takes flak from Andy Flower

Monty Panesar

Andy Flower: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Andy Flower at the Paul Grayson Benefit Match,...

What he said:

“So his job is not to rough up the opposition. It is not to be this ridiculous enforcer.”

Andy Flower feels that Stuart Broad should reinvent himself for the series against India. He ought to be more than just a bounder who bounces out the opposition.

What he really meant:

“Enforcer? What kind of trash talk is that? Cricket is a gentleman’s game.”

What he definitely didn’t:

’Stuart the Enforcer’ had a great ring to it.”

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