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Jordan Perez: What he said, really meant and definitely didn’t

Jordan Perez hopes to be the Rock of Gibraltar, not Brazil.

What he said:

“Anything below seven goals and I’ll be satisfied as then we can say that we’re better than Brazil (routed 7-1 by Germany at the World Cup).” 

Amateurs Gibraltar take on world champions Germany in a mismatched battle in the European Cup qualifiers on Friday the 14th. Their goalkeeper Jordan Perez will be happy if they fare better than Brazil who lost 1-7 to the Germans in the World Cup semi-final this summer.

What he really meant:

“At least, our defence will be better (than Brazil’s) with me in citadel. We can’t just be torn to shreds even though our current record stands at 0-17.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“Well, at least, our morale is higher than Brazil’s and we have no great expectations neither from our fans nor our press.”

FIFA World Cup 2014: Germany triumph with Gotze wonder goal


Messi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During the Second World War, Brazil were the only South American nation to send an expeditionary force of a little over 25,000 people to fight the Axis forces in Europe.

In 2014, it was a group of 23 German footballers who lay siege to Brazil over a period of a month, finally seizing victory and the World Cup dismissing all opposition especially the two Latin American colossi, Brazil and Argentina.

At last, reunified Germany had its hands on the coveted trophy and the celebrations continue.

Mario Gotze scored the winning goal against Argentina in the 113th minute in spectacular fashion. It was but fitting that the goal that sealed the final was a classic beauty. The exhilarating goal-fest of a tourney ended in stellar style.

The best team triumphed. Lionel Messi, arguably the best player in the world, was disconsolate despite the Golden Ball award.

Messi could not carry his early form into the knockout rounds and his strike partners were much too wayward.

Jubilation for Germany and its fans; a tragedy for Brazil and Argentina.

The world awaits the next edition of the World Cup in Russia.

Diego Maradona: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Diego Maradona watching the Germany-Sweden qua...

Diego Maradona Is Not Interested in Argentine soccer

What he said:

"Since I left, I have never seen the Argentina team… And I think I will not see them again."

Diego Maradona makes it clear that he has no more interest in the Argentinean soccer team. The footballing great was national coach for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He was later sacked following the 0-4 loss to Germany in the quarter-final.

What he really meant:

“The Argentine national team is neither my responsibility nor the Argentine Football Association (AFA)  my paymasters.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“You can take me away from my Argentina but you can’t take away the Argentina in me.”

Michael Berrer: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Andy Murray against Janko Tipsarević in the 20...

“I have to work on that, definitely, I need to be tougher. Like in Germany, we have a saying that an injured deer has to fall. So that was what I should have done today.”

Michael Berrer, explaining his less-than-ruthless attitude towards Andy Murray in his third round match at the French Open.

What he really meant:

“Andy’s getting injured should not have stopped me going for the kill.Unfortunately, it did.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“I’ve seen the movie Ruthless People like a zillion times.”


A Soccer ThreeSum!

World Cup Babes South Korea

Image by gnews pics via Flickr

Three days into the 2010 World Cup and it’s time to pen a few random thoughts:

1. The vuvuzelas (pronounced vu-vu-ZAY-las) have become synonymous with the South African edition of the soccer World Cup. It’s such a nuisance that the television volume has to be turned down low to be able to enjoy the games.  Am I the only one complaining? The only way to have fun with the vuvus is to join them! (I’ve shortened vuvuzelas to vuvus; just so difficult to wrap my tongue around 4 syllables!)

2. The only teams to have scored two goals or more in their games have been South Korea and Germany. And I was starting to despair that this edition of the World Cup would see a goal drought. It took a team from the Far East to relieve the tedium. And though Germany may be considered boring, dull workhorses, they  rarely shy away from scoring goals!

Quote of the day:
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. – Sir Richard Steele

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