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Mahendra Singh Dhoni: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Mahendra Singh Dhoni at Adelaide Oval

Mahendra Singh Dhoni laments the Ugly Side of Cricket

What he said:

We just saw the ugly side of cricket. Whichever team has the upper hand, doesn’t want to play. Whichever team is not on winning side, will stick around and even play football. That’s what people do and that’s what both sides did.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is frankness personified when he airs his opinion that the Ducksworth-Lewis method of deciding the 4th ODI against England—affected by rain—was detrimental to the spirit of the game. The ODI ended in a tie as decided by the controversial methodology.

Dhoni added:

If you have a day game, you need different guidelines and principles to follow. If you put it under lights, it doesn’t look nice.

Some of the guys were confused. Some thought we had won it. Most of us thought it was a passing shower and we would be able to get back on the field.

Once inside the dressing room, we saw the final sheet of paper. After looking at it, it was apparent it was a tie and none of the side had won the game.

This is not the first time. We were close to winning the first game also. But as I said, you can’t control the weather.

What Dhoni really meant:

“It doesn’t say much for us  if we loiter in the dressing room when the game has swung our way.”

What Dhoni definitely didn’t:

“We caught the Djokovic-Federer semi-final and unanimously agreed with Roger Federer’s post-match sentiment: ‘That’s why we all watch sports, isn’t it?  Because we don’t know the outcome and everybody has a chance, and until the very moment it can still turn.  That’s what we love about the sport, but it’s also very cruel and tough sometimes.’”

2010 US Open: The Ladies’ Final Preview

U S Open 2010 D9 07/09/10 Kim Clijsters (BEL) wins first set in quarterfinal match Photo Anne Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom U S Open 2010 D10 08/09/10 Vera Zvonareva (RUS) wins quarter final match Photo Anne Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Who would have believed it?

Vera Zvonareva gets to her second successive Grand Slam final.

She’s flown under the radar. She allowed Wozniacki and her shorter-than-short dress steal the limelight; she warms up in sweatpants and a jacket despite the sweltering heat and now she has knocked out the Danish sweetheart without so much as a by-your-leave.

Vera Zvonareva, you are going places and how!

Caroline Wozniacki found the pressure of expectations too much to handle and caved in to a much calmer, much hotter  (in terms of the tennis) Vera on a day of one upset and two disappointments at the US Open 2010.

Quote of the day: The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side. – James Baldwin

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