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Waqar Younis: What he said, really meant and definitely didn’t

Waqar Younis was unprepared for crackdown.

What he said:

“This crackdown is going to affect the preparations of teams for the World Cup especially those teams whose bowlers are being reported.”

Former Pakistani pace bowler Waqar Younis believes that the timing of the clampdown on suspect bowling actions is inopportune and adversely affects the World Cup chances of the teams whose bowlers have been reported, specifically his country’s.

He said:

“I am not sure about the timing of these new laws being enforced by the ICC. The new protocols and technology to test bowling actions could have been done after the World Cup.” 

Three Pakistani off-spinners—Saeed Ajmal, Muhamad Hafeez and Adnan Rasool—have been placed under the scanner in the past month.

He added:

“When bowlers are reported at any level for suspect actions it obviously affects their confidence. I know Hafeez is concerned after being reported. So it does affect your preparations for the World Cup.

I don’t know because cricket has changed in the last decade or so, laws have changed and so have bowling actions. Spinners now use more variation and different deliveries because they are being tested constantly in all formats with the growing popularity of T20 cricket.

One can understand when the ICC rule for bowling action is being stretched so far but I still have my reservations about the timing of the new protocol for bowling actions.” 

On the doosra:

“The doosra delivery is an unorthodox delivery but staple for spinners and it adds value to the game. I think the ICC needs to look at this aspect. Whoever bowls the doosra will always bend his elbow more than the allowed 15 degrees because it is natural. Secondly the medical aspect while testing bowling actions should also be taken into consideration.” 

What Younis really meant:

“The Pakistanis are losing their match-winning spinners because of the crackdown. What are we to do if the ball we invented—the doosra—is outlawed? Play marbles?”

What he definitely didn’t:

“Let’s hope this whole affair reverse swings.”


Usain Bolt: What he said, really meant and definitely didn’t

English: Usain Bolt at the World Championship ...

English: Usain Bolt at the World Championship Athletics 2009 in Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Usain Bolt

What he said:

“A cheetah would be cooler. I can see the headlines, ‘Usain Bolt beats cheetah’.”

The champion sprinter was replying to a question whether he would like to race against a fast car or a cheetah.

The cheetah is the fastest land animal and can reach speeds of 90 to 128 kmph. Bolt, however, has clocked a top speed of about 45 kmph.

(1936 four-gold medal winner Jesse Owens raced against  horses in exhibits but he cheated. The starting gun was fired next to the thoroughbred’s head startling it and giving the sprinter a head-start.)

Bolt was in Bangalore to play a seven-a-side exhibition match against a team which had some of India’s top cricketers including Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan. The face-off was titled ‘Bolt and Yuvi – Battle of the Legends’.

On breaking new records:

“It’s possible. After running 9.58 seconds I’ve never said, ‘Never again.’ My coach knows there is no limit because I never knew I was going to go that fast. But when you go there, you have great competition, you push yourself to the limit and if you are in great shape anything is possible. No, I don’t have any magic number in mind. To me, the 100m record is not the one which matters now. It is the 200m where I want to go sub-19.”

Asked if yam and chicken nuggets were his secret ingredients:

“Yeah, but chicken nuggets was just one time in China as I didn’t want to take a chance with other food. Otherwise, I eat normal food. I’m not the kind of person who would give advice on diet (laughs) because I’m bad when it comes to my diet as I eat anything that I like.”

On Sachin Tendulkar:

“Everybody knows him. Sachin is one of the greatest ever in the sport. I remember the days when he depressed me by beating West Indies. There is another funny story. When I was growing up I never supported West Indies. I was a Pakistan supporter which my dad could never understand. But then I was a huge Waqar Younis fan.”

What he really meant:

“I’d like to prove I’m the fastest beast on the planet—I’m not a machine. I get injured and no mechanics can repair me.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“Let’s race cars and we’ll headline it ‘Usain goes to Hollywood'”.


Waqar Younis: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Waqar Younis Calls On Shahid Afridi to Endorse ‘MouthShut.com’

What he said:

“It is time he just kept his mouth shut and focused on his cricket.”

Waqar Younis renews the war of words with Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi.

Afridi announced his comeback to international cricket following the exit of former PCB chairman, Ijaz Butt.

Afridi is a staunch critic of Butt and former coach Waqar Younis.

Younis was evidently responding to Afridi’s latest claim that Younis did not quit as team coach but was sacked by the PCB.

Waqar said:

All the time he is criticizing somebody and using distasteful language. It is time he just kept his mouth shut and focused on his cricket.
To me it seems as if he always on the lookout for cheap publicity by making unwarranted and unhealthy comments about somebody or someone.

The former fast bowler added:

For months now he has been criticizing Ijaz Butt and saying all sorts of things like Butt is old and he should go home, this is not the way to talk about a former player and head of the board. He has problems with everyone and wants the world to believe he is the victim.

Afridi, surprisingly, had no comment to make about Younis’ latest remarks:

“I don’t want to make any comments on Waqar has said. I just want to play cricket for my country.”

What Younis really meant:

“Afridi can’t bat and bowl with his mouth open, can he? The mouth should come into play while fielding—queries (and cricket balls).”

What Younis definitely didn’t:

“I’ll keep my mouth open and focus on my commentary.”

Shahid Afridi Unconditionally Un-retires To International Cricket

Zohaib with afridi

What he said:

I’m available to play for Pakistan. I never retired. I only said I wouldn’t play under the previous PCB management. I wasn’t comfortable with them because they didn’t respect players.

But as the board now has a new chairman and there’s a different team management, it is time to come back.

Shahid Afridi announces his comeback and availability for selection to the Pakistani cricket team.

The former skipper conditionally retired from international cricket after the tour to the West Indies this year citing differences with then PCB chairman Ijaz Butt and coach Waqar Younis.

Butt completed his term on October 8 ; Younis is no longer coach.

Afridi said:

“I’m fit and can play for Pakistan for a few more years.I never ran after the captaincy. I just want to represent my country and can play under anyone.”

What he really meant:

“What’s retirement but a word—a word to be used at the drop of a hat and forgotten just as quickly.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“But, what happens to Butt?”

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