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IRace Results

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The IRace results were declared last weekend.

According to the rankings, I performed at 39% of my capacity; the rankings are adjusted for age,height and weight.

Tell me something I don’t know!

I am publishing the email sent out by the race coordinator to race participants.


From: Madhur Kotharay <>
Subject: August i-Race Results
Date: Sunday, 8 August, 2010, 2:23 AM

Hi everyone,
We have uploaded Mumbai & Italy Aug 2010 i-Race results.
These are local race winners for Mumbai:

5K – Male – Amol V. Patwardhan, 23:23,

5K – Female – Abhirami Prasannan, 28:26,

10K – Male – Rakesh Kumar Yadav, 35:19

10K – Female – Roshni Rai, 57:36
Congratulations if you are one of the above. You have won a souvenir IIT Tennis-Shirt with a three button placket. Kindly collect your Tennis-Shirt from IIT Bombay Alumni Office during office hours, after producing some photo ID.

We are still to include Pune and Portland results but we will merge them with these results as soon as they become available. After that, we will distribute the prizes of Rs 2000, Rs 1000 and Rs 500 to the global top 3 finishers.
The main difficulty we face is manually collating the finish timings. Many runners do not wear bib numbers properly. One runner, mostly an IITian, ran with a bib number 6622. We had never issued such a number. Of course, being his seniors, we could finally guess that it was a practical joke and must have been the bib number 2299, which looks like 6622 if inverted!!
We are working on using RFID / Running Chip model in future. However, the costs are still prohibitive for our numbers. Hopefully, we will be able to come up with a solution wherein we can give you a permanent RFID chip that you can use for all subsequent i-Races.
A couple of interesting observations:
1. This time, the i-Race percentages are closer to people’s abilities than those published in the past races. We have used a better-tuned model this time.
2. Very slim runners obviously faced a bit of a disadvantage. In fact, people who were more on heavier side got higher percentages and hence in spite of finishing slower, have been up in the rankings. Of course, this is how it should be, as heavier people have to expend more energy to cover the same distance. So if you think you are overweight, you have a good shot at coming up in the rankings. 🙂
Going forward, we are planning to assign a single UID (taking the idea from our IIT Bombay senior, Nandan Nilekani) to each of you runners and that will be a part of our permanent database. After all, your date of birth and gender will not change unless you are Aparna / Ajay Mafatlal. 🙂
We will have to measure your height and weight before each race, the former mainly for youngsters who keep growing in height. Some of you have gained copies kilograms since the last i-Race in Jan 2010, as per our database Alternatively, we propose to follow an Honours Code system where you give us your height and weight at the time of registration and we will use that to do the calculations. However, we will put an H.C. (Honours Code) in front of your name. That would obviously ensure that you are not in contention for prizes but you can get ranked. For example, see this time’s results. Bhasker Desai came second in this time’s results but he ran 10K (self-timed) in the town of Bra, in Piedmont region of Italy. He had measured the course to be 10K and we took the height, weight, finish time that he gave on an Honours Code basis. Of course, he cannot get the prize.
The reason for pushing the honours code concept further is as the race expands, it will get logistically difficult to ensure accuracy of all measurements globally and we may get into unnecessary conflict issues. In fact, that is the reason we are not keen on big cash prizes, as then the chance of controversy rises.
A bigger reason to push for the Honours Code is because we are promoting i-Race as a race for intellectuals, who are interested in fitness and self-improvement. And if you notice the results, the current no. 1 is at 80%, while theoretically, your ideal self is 100%. (Note: The i-Race Index is a percentage telling you how close to your theoretical ability you reached during the race. Obviously, 100% is the theoretical highest). As the race motto says, "Beat Yourself to Beat the World". One can cheat and beat Rakesh Yadav (current No.1) and his 80% effort but the bigger question is if one can beat oneself and one’s own 100%. So most of us should ideally be interested in beating our own index %age and so would try to give the most accurate data.
Very soon, I am looking forward to preparing some kind of database wherein we will be able to give you your successive i-Race Indices or performance percentages so that you can track how you are progressing with time. That way, you can compare and compete against not only your ideal self but also against your past ‘You’. As we all age, the race model keeps adjusting our ideal finish times down and hence we simply have to do our best to keep improving.
We are planning a much bigger i-Race on Sunday 24th October 2010. Mind you, we had announced Sunday 7th November as the date for the next i-Race. However, that falls right on Diwali day and many runners asked us to change the date.
Once we update Pune / Portland data, I will send you another mail. That time, we will announce when the website for new registrations would open. For the next race, we are planning on 1000 runners but we will keep the registrations on first-cum-first-serve basis. Also, we would request everyone to send in their registration amount along with the indemnity form to IIT Bombay Alumni Office to confirm their registration. That way, no one will have to come to IIT a day prior. And we will do the measurements on the day of the race only for people who would like to be in contention for prizes or who want accurate index calculations for their percentages.
Kindly give your thoughts on this by emailing me. Thanks for participating i-Race and we look forward to hosting you in the next i-Race soon,
Madhur Kotharay

i-Race Co-Ordinator


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