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Tennis Bytes: Barcelona,Julia Goerges and 2 year rankings

You  think that maybe he’s vulnerable , that maybe, just maybe, the challenge of Djokovic and the younger brigade is too much to push back; it’s just too much pressure to hold on but then along comes clay season, and Rafael Nadal rises to the occasion, undulating effortlessly to the top.

“You can’t touch me here, I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” is what the Majorcan sings out, scything through the field like a knife through melted butter.

This Sunday, it was the Barcelona Open making it two out of two for the Spaniard on his favourite surface this year.

Once again, it was his compatriot David Ferrer who succumbed to the No. 1’s might.

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Tennis Bytes:From Melbourne Park Results To Predicting Winners … and Losers

Novak Djokovic At The 2006 U.S. Open

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Spoilsport Novak

Novak Djokovic played spoilsport at the 2011 Australian Open annexing his second major after a dry spell of three years.

Sportswriters were forced to scramble to change the headlines they had imagined citing either a Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer triumph. They had to reinvent their catch-phrases.(Damn you, Djokovic!)

The Serb’s victory was welcomed as the emergence of the Third Force.

The fallout was swift. In a rush to hail the rise of the young brigade, ‘tennis pundits’ were quick to pronounce death sentence on the Federer- Nadal rivalry.

It may soon be a case of the doomsayers having to eat their words all over again.

However, they are not totally wrong.

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The Apprenticeship of Federer: Long, Arduous and Fruitful

Roger Federer against Juan Martín del Potro in...

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16 Grand Slams to his name and still counting, Roger Federer, the Swiss champion, is master of all he surveys. One French Open, six Wimbledons, five US Opens and four Australian Opens (66 ATP titles); you could hardly call his trophy cupboard bare. His rivalry with Nadal is the stuff of legend and an enduring story for the ages. His challenger needs just one more Slam to move into double digits and Borg territory.

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