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Disastrous run at World T20!

Harbhajan Singh - Ind Vs Eng,Mumbai, March 29,...

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With India’s 2 matches of the Super 8 match over and with them effectively India’s hopes of qualifying for the semis,  it is time to make a couple of points about India’s no-show at this tourney.

1> The standard of cricket exhibited at the IPL and the World T20 are reams apart. In the latter, we have the best teams representing their country, whereas the IPL teams are constrained to having just 4 foreign internationals representing them and at the same time they need to ensure that deserving youngsters (read youngsters with potential) are given a chance to ware their talents. So suddenly we have our IPL heroes peppered with short-pitched balls and when you are a team batting second and chasing a  large total, you have to try and hit every ball and the proclivity to succumb to the short-pitched variety is both exposed and exploited. Besides, since when have Indian batsmen known to be masters of the short ball?

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Urbanomics: Is Sachin Tendulkar "choking" his opponents into submission?

Urbanomics: Is Sachin Tendulkar “choking” his opponents into submission?

Is there something about high-performing stars having an adverse effect on their opponents?
Do not their opponents rise to the challenge?
Is there not a case for improving one’s game in the presence of greats?
Maybe not!

Have a great day!

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IPL Musings

Mumbai Indians

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We’re too self-absorbed!

A typical bowling action

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An interesting article by Aakar Patel as to why Indians are self-obsessed and thus poor team players!

What do you think?

I agree, to a large extent, that cricket, the Indian public’s passion, is not a true team sport.

Team sports are about understanding, a true choreography , a meeting of minds, hearts, souls translated into fluid motion, team action.

A similar thing could be said about tennis , specially the Indian Davis Cup team except for the doubles pair. And, mind you, team harmony does not mean that 2 players should be buddy-buddy. They just need to be civil and challenge each other to be better, to complement each other. Perhaps, that’s why we may never see another champion Davis Cup pair like Paes and Bhupathi come out of India for a long,long time.

But then, I guess, that’s why we are about genius and individual excellence. Not bad traits by themselves but then why in a population of over a billion do we have such few instances of them? Ah then, the excuses for this failing have been trotted out by our politicians for over 6 decades and hence I refuse to recount them here.

Just as we could never be another US or a Japan, but come on , China faces the same challenges as us, maybe even more! So why cannot we be the tiger we were meant to be? Our national animal is the tiger, after all!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon can then have quite a different undertone! Quite a notion! But then nations are formed of notions, are they not?

Have a great weekend!



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Sachin’s Double!

Sachin smiling

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I completely missed Sachin’s double, since I was just too busy catching up with my beauty nap!

But some articles from the blogosphere for the cricket fanatics!

Have a great day!

Quote of the day:
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Mumbai Cyclothon – 21st Feb, 2010

Police officer on a bicycle.

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bicycle demonstration in Chamonix.

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The Mumbai Cyclothon takes off on the 21st of February, 2010 here in Mumbai.

The BSA Hercules India Cyclothon- Mumbai 2010 is a mass participative cycling event for professional, amateurs and the casual biker. The event intends to promote the cause of cycling and promote the various benefits.

The race categories are as follows:

International Elite (Men)
18yrs and above
Entry By Invitation only

Elite Indian (Men)
19yrs and above
Entry By Invitation only

18yrs and above
Online Registration

Corporate Group Ride
18yrs and above
Online Registration

Green Ride
14yrs and above
Online Registration

Kids Ride(8-13 years)
8yrs and above
Online Registration

I have registered myself in the Amateur category i.e. the 24 kms race. Cycles are not available to lease though registrants were promised that it was a possibility that they would be provided.That would be difficult since cosmopolitan India does not have a cycling culture yet!

24kms should be a breeze! I’ve been doing 45-50 kms on my stationary bike at home! Have still not got around to purchasing one for the race, though I have made enquiries.

The website is

Have a great day!




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Dream Run – 17th Jan 2010

I completed the Dream Run (6 kms) in 45 minutes. I have been doing 10 kms in an hour and 7 minutes, 9 kms in an hour , so I ought to have finished in 40 minutes. But the first 2 kms was not a run, it was folks having a party with no space to run and elbows jammed in your tummy if you tried to go past!

Some pictures clicked at Azad Maidan and me, nearing the finish!

Image0034 Image0029 Image0030 Image0031 Image0033

!cid__tqiiG7aBjt_ !cid__NXEe2vFK7m_

For more photos from the official web-site

My photos are also online at

PS: Kindly don’t go nuts over the microphone! You know what I’m referring to!

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Sports, Champions and Celluloid

A couple of sports-related articles from the Mint.

One details how many sportspersons have made the transition from the field to celluloid.

The other talks about the similarities in champions across nations and generations.

Have a great day!

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Cool Running!

Fun runners taking part in the 2006 Bristol Ha...

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After doing the 6 km run this year, I will attempt the 21 kms next year, i.e. Jan 2011.

I have located a few web-sites on running that give tips and schedules as how to prepare for both a marathon and a half-marathon. All said, running a marathon or a half-marathon is about endurance. It does not matter how much you run but how long you run! The longer the better!

Of course distance counts but if you are a  beginner, like me, then you should not concentrate on the distance and/or speed but focus on increasing the time spent running i.e. running non-stop. You can of course, choose to fortify yourself with water and small snacks. Hydration is very , very important. Carry a water bottle with you especially for the longer runs.

Some interesting sites to look at:

and of course

the Mumbai Marathon web-site

As for myself, I will be training by running 3 times a week, supplemented by cycling 2 times a week (to reduce the wear and tear on my knees) and some light weight-training! Bulking up is out – makes it harder to run!

You can find a program to follow on the web-sites listed or use them to create one tailored for yourself!

Also, do not try to be rigid about your running schedule. Listen to your body! Rest when your body tells you to! Also, start early, so that you can compensate for slippages. Or sick time. Ensure that you have good running shoes. Change them as needed.

Do check with your physician before starting any vigorous physical exercise! Start slow, be steady! Don’t rush where angels fear to tread!

Have a great day!

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Professional Cycling!

shadow cycling

Image by .mw via Flickr

A post on professional cycling!

Have a great day!

In the Netherlands, bicycles are freely availa...

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A parking lot for bicycles in Niigata%2C_Niiga...

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A commuter cyclist in the London morning rush ...

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Santa Maria the patron saint of bicyclists, se...

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