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Novak Djokovic:What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Novak Djokovic at their first-round match of t...

What he said:

"I’m aware of the responsibility that I have as a present number one to represent the sport in some ways off the court. So I need to do that in a best possible way. You know, I’m trying. You tell me, how am I doing?"

Novak Djokovic cares about being No.1.

What he really meant:

“It’s quite difficult, you know. Earlier, I could take the mickey out of Roger (Federer) or Rafael (Nadal) when they were ranked higher. But I can’t mimic myself, can I?”

What he definitely didn’t:

“That explains the Maria Sharapova Head commercials.”


Lee Westwood: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Lee Westwood

What he said:

"Glad Sharapova’s not playing in Crans this week! They’d hear her in Geneva! Come on Watson finish her off for the sake of our eardrums!"

Golfer Lee Westwood tweets his support for Britisher, Heather Watson, during her first round encounter with Maria Sharapova at the US Open on Monday, the 29th of August, 2011.

What he really meant:

“Hell! I’m glad Maria’s not a golfer. Picture the havoc she’d wreak on our games with her shrieking and grunting after each stroke.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“Bring on the vuvuzuelas as well!”


Maria Sharapova:What she said, really meant and definitely did not

Maria Sharapova at the 2009 US Open

What she said:

I’m terrible at other sports. I don’t even try.”

Maria Sharapova confesses that she’s not gifted—she’s a specialist and a success in tennis alone.

What she really meant:

“I love to win and since I can’t excel at other sports, I don’t even try. That reminds me, that I haven’t been winning that much in tennis either.”

What she definitely didn’t:

“It doesn’t mean that I don’t watch other sports. Sasha catches mine, I catch his (basketball).”


Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic: Head promos

Q & A with Novak Djokovic (Humour)

MakeTimeForSports spoke to the men’s No.1 seed before the US Open.

1) The retirement in the final at Cincinnati to Andy Murray was…

Unfortunate. I had shoulder pain. He didn’t.

2)  Are you going to be donning a blonde wig again, anytime soon?

You enjoyed that? He he he.

3) Maria Sharapova said she’d prefer it if you were wearing a skirt while mimicking her…

It’s about performance meeting style. My performance, her style. He he he.

4) Maria says she’ll be  scripting a commercial too, to get her own back…

The more the merrier…

5) 57-2. Thoughts on that?

64-2 soon. I hope. I’m no machine and certainly not mechanic.

Disclaimer: The interview is fictional but the character(s) are real.

Li Na: What she said, really meant and definitely did not

Li Na at the 2009 US Open

What she said:

"I would like to say, my agent doing good job."

Li Na’s response to her signing on by Mercedes Benz and Haagen-Dazs,making her the highest earning female athlete after Maria Sharapova, is as funny as her other wisecracks.

What she really meant:

“I play tennis. I bag trophies. My agent plays sponsors. My agents bags endorsements.”

What she definitely didn’t:

“Sharapova’s agent is doing a better job. Can I have him instead?”

Maria Sharapova: What she said, really meant and definitely did not

Maria Sharapova, tennis player

What she said:

“I don’t think I would allow that (laughter).”

Maria Sharapova does not tell her boyfriend Sasha Vujacic how to play basketball and likewise will not permit him to advise her on the intricacies of tennis.

What she really meant:

“I’m the tennis player—not Sasha.”

What she definitely didn’t:

“It’s rocket science.”

Wimbledon 2011: A tale of four finalists

Maria Sharapova – Wimbledon 2009

Two finals. Four finalists.

Two have won Wimbledon before. Two have not.

Three of the four are 25 or nearabouts. The fourth is 21.

The 25-year-olds have 15 majors between them. The fourth has none.

The 24-year-olds have 15 majors between them. The fourth has none.

Three insiders , so to speak. One palpable outsider.

The three champions’s names are B/R keywords. Petra Kvitova’s is not.

The former champions are favourites in their respective match-ups. One more than the other.

Their challengers are similar, yet different.

Novak Djokovic is the World No.1. ATP rankings on Monday will reflect his new status.

For Czech Petra Kvitova, it is her first major final. She reached the semis last year.

The Djoker has a better chance of upsetting the odds and dethroning current champion, Rafael Nadal.

Kvitova, however, can only hope that Maria Sharapova will leave her A-game in the locker room to stand a chance of clinching her first ever major.

Sharapova has not dropped a set in her march to the finals.

Rafael Nadal has not been as dominant but he is yet a formidable force.

Novak Djokovic regained the momentum of his 41 match unbeaten streak.

To lose just once, this year, a loss to Roger Federer in the French Open semi-final takes some doing.

Knocking over the Majorcan in a Wimbledon final will require some more mojo.

If anyone can dismantle the Spaniard, it is the Serb.

An old champion in the women’s draw is predicted; a second Wimbledon title for Maria Sharapova beckons.

The stage is set. Let play commence.

What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.

Samuel Johnson


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Women’s Semis Preview: Sharapova overwhelming favourite, Lisicki immediate threat

Maria Sharapova at 2009 Roland Garros, Paris, ...

Has women’s tennis turned the Williams corner?

The quarter-finals dawned with not a Williams in sight. No Serena, No Venus.

Yes, they had both returned from injury. They had adequate warm-ups before the championships but not the desired results for bookies to up the ante.

Yet it all seemed business as usual, past the first week.

The odd-makers re-installed Serena as queen over the weekend.

It was not to be. Serena could not stop a rampaging, charged-up Marion Bartoli.

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Maria Sharapova: What she said, really meant and definitely did not say

Maria Sharapova

What she said:

“Even though it was really tough, I think he kept believing that one day he would have more, even if it was one trophy, even if it was one more dollar, one victory over another, yeah.”

Maria Sharapova describes her father, Yuri, as being eternally optimistic and a great believer in the American dream.

What she really meant:

“My father had a never-say-die spirit that served him (and me) well.”

What she definitely didn’t say:

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

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