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India versus England: Ishant bounces out the Pommies

Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson fielding...

Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson fielding during a tour match against Northamptonshire during the 2009 Ashes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ishant Sharma at Adelaide Oval

Ishant Sharma at Adelaide Oval (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ishant Sharma came to the party and how! Since he made his debut in 2008, the lanky pacer has disappointed more often than not. So much so that Indian fans came to believe that his name was not Ishant but “I shan’t”.

But on a Monday afternoon, the Delhi native bent his back with the old ball and destroyed the much-vaunted lower half of an English side in rebuild mode. Joe Root and Moeen Ali may have hoped to lead England to a much needed morale-boosting victory, especially for beleaguered skipper Alistair Cook.

But it was not to be. Once Ishant Sharma started bouncing them, it was all over bar the shouting.

Were the English recalling the pummelling they received at the hands of a venomous Mitchell Johnson in the recent Ashes series down under? Or did they feel they could pull off a Ravindra Jadeja as well? Whatever the reasons, the spectators were bemused to find a procession of English batters making their way back to the pavilion. The English plan to counter-attack merely provided catching practice for the Indian fielders.

The spectacle prompted Bob Willis to remark:

I have seen fewer hookers in Soho on a Saturday night.

India had its first win at Lords in 28 years.

The similarities between MS Dhoni and Kapil Dev keep piling up eerily.

India go into the next three Tests leading 1-0. They will hope that they can emulate Kapil’s Devils of 1986 and clinch a memorable series win. This Indian side does not look very strong on paper, lacking experience at the highest level. But most members of the squad have put their hands up and performed when needed, unlike the side of 2011.

A captain is only as good as his team and , right now, Dhoni’s boys are making him look so much better than the recent past.

Googli Hoogli: Captain Cool ‘MS Dhoni’ works up a sweat under Suresh Raina

MS Dhoni: Why This Aussie Kolaveri D?

Following the shattering first Test defeat at Melbourne,Mahendra Singh Dhoni tries his hand at motivating his lads Down Under singing an adapted version of the Kolaveri D chartbuster.


Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy, Boys?

Hello Boys.. I am Singing Song..
Soup Song.. Flop Song..

Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy Boys?
Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy Boys?
Rhythm Correct.. (Not)
Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy Boys?
Maintain This.. (Not)
Why This Aussie Lossy Boys?

Distance’la Moon’nu Moon’nu
Moon’nu Color’ru White’tu
White’tu Background Night’tu Night’tu
Night’tu Color’ru Black’ku
Why This Aussie Lossy ,Aussie Lossy Boys?
Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy Boys?

White’tu Skin’nu Girl’lu Girl’lu
Girl’lu Heart’tu Black’ku
Eyes’su Eyes’su Meet’tu Meet’tu
Our Future Dark’ku..
Why This Aussie Lossy ,Aussie Lossy Boys?
Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy Boys?

Maar, Notes Eduthuko..
Apdiye Kaila Šnacks Èduthukø..
Papapa Papapapa Papapa Pa Pa..
Šeriya Vaasi..
Šuper Maar Ready.. Ready 1 2 3 4..
What A Change Over World Cup, yaar..
Ok Maar .. Nøw Tune Change’ju..

Kaila Glass’su.. Only Ènglish’sa..
Hand’la Glass’su
Glass’la Šcøtch’chu
Èyes’su Full’la Tear’ru
Èmpty Life’fu, Girl Cøme’mu
Life’fu Reverse’su Gear’ru
Løve’vu Løve’vu Oh My Løve’vu
Yøu Šhøw Tø Me Bøw’vu
Cøw’vu Cøw’vu Høly Cøw’vu
I Want Yøu Here Nøw’vu
Gød I am Dying Nøw’vu
Aussies are  Happy Høw’vu?
This Šøng’gu Før Šøup Bøys’su
We Døn’t Have Chøice’su

Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy Boys?
Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy Boys?
Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy Boys?

Why This Aussie Lossy, Aussie Lossy Boys?

Fløp Šøng..

MS Dhoni: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

MS Dhoni Is A ‘Package’

What he said:

“I am more of a package than a specialist. I’m neither an extraordinary batsman nor a specialist keeper.”

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is abashed at being described as an “excellent package” by West Indian cricketing great, Jeffrey Dujon.

Dhoni said:

It’s a big compliment for me. I am more of a package than a specialist. I’m neither an extraordinary batsman nor a specialist keeper. It’s all about doing things right. It does not matter how you catch the ball, take the edges and affect stumpings. It’s important to score at that point of time when it’s really good for the side. I hope I will be a specialist one day.

What he really meant:

“Modesty’s my forename.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“Fedex, same-day delivery?”

Greg Chappell: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Greg Chappell talks to Sambit

Greg Chappell Says That Aussie Cricketers Are ‘Hippier’ Than Their Indian Counterparts

What he said:

“It was so hierarchical, it made Australian teams look like commune.”

Former India coach, Greg Chappell reveals the bureaucratic nature of the Indian dressing room during his tenure.

Chappell, in his autobiography “Fierce Focus”, salutes current Indian skipper, MS Dhoni, as his “go to man” and the voice of young players.

The Australian maintains that the young players were overawed by their seniors and would not contribute in team meetings for fear of incurring their (seniors) displeasure.

“The real ray of hope for the Indian team was Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the most impressive young cricketers I’d ever worked with. He was smart, and able to read the game as perceptively as the best leaders," Chappell wrote.

Chappell said:

If I wanted to know what was going on in the middle, Dhoni became my go to man. He would eventually break down one of the biggest problems in the India teams.

…the youngster would say, ‘I can’t speak before so-and-so. If I speak up before a senior player, they will hold it against me forever.’ Some were petrified, flat out refusing to say a word in a meeting before, say, Tendulkar had spoken.

Chappell elaborates on his relationship with Saurav Ganguly, the stormy petrel of Indian cricket.

His idea was probably ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours’.

He expected I would be so grateful to him for getting me the job that I’d become his henchman in his battle to remain captain. I, on the other hand, took on a job with the primary responsibility to Indian cricket and the Indian people.

There were a billion of them and only one of Sourav. I wanted to help India become the best cricket team in the world.

If that means eventually they could only become that team without Sourav, then so be it.

Chappell adds,that on the field, "there was no bigger panicker than Sourav."

Chappell is none-too-pleased with Indian players aversion to confrontation:

When I sat down and talked with him about it, he would agree to everything I asked, but then go his own way. Some other senior players were similarly expert at Gandhian passive resistance: saying ‘Yes yes yes’ before doing the exact opposite. Each time he agreed, then didn’t do it.

What Greg Chappell really meant:

“Indian bureaucracy was truly alive and kicking in the national cricket side.”

What Greg Chappell definitely didn’t:

“Now, you know why us Ozzies love visiting Goa.”

MS Dhoni: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Mahendra Singh Dhoni at Adelaide Oval

MS Dhoni And Wife Sakshi Are ‘Digitally Bound’

What he said:

“Finally everything over for today,press conference,team meeting,match referee meeting so my wife thinks its time for her to eat my head.”

Indian skipper, MS Dhoni, shares the trials and tribulations of attending to spousal duties after discharging his cricketing ones.

Dhoni updated his Twitter page with the above quote.

The next tweet was a gem:

“Me and my wife (Sakshi) in the same room but communicating via twitter.”

Now, you and I know how to communicate with our partners. If it’s good enough for the Indian skipper, it’s good enough for us.

What MS Dhoni really meant:

“I’d rather negotiate the West Indian quicks than an unhappy spouse.”

What MS Dhoni definitely didn’t:

“My wife’s a cannibal and dinner starts from the top. She’s also a Hannibal Lecter fan.”

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s World Is Greying Under Pressure


Mahendra Singh Dhoni at Adelaide Oval

What he said:

"I get influenced by pressure but I have so much gray hair because I don’t let expressions on field reveal this."

Indian cricket team skipper and World Cup winning champion—twice over—Mahendra Singh Dhoni discloses that he maintains his composure at all times on the field; the stress is revealed only in his prematurely grey thatch.

Dhoni credited then coach Gary Kirsten for the inspirational move up the order in the ODI World Cup final against Sri Lanka in April—a stratagem that nullified the Lankan spinners ascendance.

MSD said:

"I hadn’t planned to promote myself and play earlier. Gary  asked me if I would go early. I thought with two spinners, maybe I should. It worked for me."

What Dhoni really meant:

“I’m seeking a hair dye sponsor. Godrej, come calling.”

What Dhoni definitely didn’t:

“Gray is the new black.”

MS Dhoni: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Mahendra Singh Dhoni bowlingat Adelaide Oval

Image via Wikipedia

Dhoni Wants His Team To Be Sociable—Always

What he said:

“The team showed character not to lose temper and still be sociable on the field."

Mahendra Singh Dhoni believes that his side may have lost the Test match and ODI series in England but they won hearts for not being sore losers.

The Indians lead 2-0 in the return ODI series—back home.

The Indian skipper was decorated with the ‘Spirit of the Game’ award at the annual ICC ceremony in September this year for his decision to allow English bat,Ian Bell, to continue his innings overturning a contentious dismissal just before the tea break during the second Test at Trent Bridge.

Ironically, Dhoni and his teammates were missing for the glittering function;Ian Bell collected the prize on his behalf.

What He Really Meant:

“We were so shell-shocked by the hammering meted out to us and the cold weather that we did not have the will to pull our  hands (holding hand warmers) out of our pockets. Talk about letting off a little steam!”

What He Definitely Didn’t:

“Check out our Facebook profiles and friend our friends—the entire English squad.”

Indian cricket: Bloody headlines, turnaround captains and a lesson

“A bad Board lets a good side down”

“RIP. World’s No.1 Test Team”

“India surrender No. 1 Test Spot”

“Humiliation is complete, No.1 crown lost”

The headlines in the DNA, Times Of India, Hindustan Times and Indian Express read as above on an Independence Sunday, for the Indian cricket fan to fully absorb a dismal, abrupt, abject  end to the Indian team’s pretensions to greatness.

The knives are out, reams of analysis will be printed, experts will make a million suggestions and scapegoats will be discovered and punished over the coming weeks and months.

Should the surrender be total, and it is certainly more than a mere possibility despite MS Dhoni’s brave words at the post-match conference, the stewardship of the Indian cricket team would be on the line.

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Spirit of Dhoni transforms jeers into cheers

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