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Jose Mourinho:What he said, really meant and definitely did not

José Mourinho, winning manager in 2004 and 2010

What he said:

“I should have lived 100 years ago.”

Jose Mourinho, in an interview to Spanish daily, El Mundo, believes that there are “very few people who have truth as a fundamental principle, non-hypocrisy”, something which existed “during the era of our grandparents and great-grandparents”.

The Real Madrid Manager said:

“It’s precisely the opposite now: people are hypocritical, you don’t say what you think, you’re not sincere, you’re not honest, you think about surviving however you can.”

“I may be mistaken but I always say what I think, what I feel, without fear of the consequences.”

“And not many people accept that. I will never change. Yes, I should have lived 100 years ago.”

Mourinho added:

“I think it was Nietzsche, and this more than 100 years ago, who said that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That is what is happening to me.”

What he really meant:

“There was no television then.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“Heavens! I forgot there were no big soccer clubs either.”


Ricky Ponting’s the next Scott Draper (Humour)

Ricky Ponting at a training session at the Ade... 

Ricky Ponting has decided to take up professional golf.


It’s that damned fool Gary Player who’s been filling his head with these ideas.

Player did not even know who Ricky was when he first met him. But can he recognise a fine swing or what?

What next?

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A Soccer ThreeSum!

World Cup Babes South Korea

Image by gnews pics via Flickr

Three days into the 2010 World Cup and it’s time to pen a few random thoughts:

1. The vuvuzelas (pronounced vu-vu-ZAY-las) have become synonymous with the South African edition of the soccer World Cup. It’s such a nuisance that the television volume has to be turned down low to be able to enjoy the games.  Am I the only one complaining? The only way to have fun with the vuvus is to join them! (I’ve shortened vuvuzelas to vuvus; just so difficult to wrap my tongue around 4 syllables!)

2. The only teams to have scored two goals or more in their games have been South Korea and Germany. And I was starting to despair that this edition of the World Cup would see a goal drought. It took a team from the Far East to relieve the tedium. And though Germany may be considered boring, dull workhorses, they  rarely shy away from scoring goals!

Quote of the day:
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. – Sir Richard Steele

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