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Diego Maradona: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

Diego Maradona. Dame 5, amigo!

Diego Maradona Has Unwelcome Medical Advice For Pele

What he said:

"It seems Pele took the wrong medication."

Diego Maradona takes issue with Pele’s remarks that Brazilian teenager, Neymar, is as good as Maradona or Lionel Messi.

In an interview with Programa do Jô on Globo, Pele said (via SambaFoot):

They talk about Maradona and Messi, but we have Neymar – he is a great talent to have.

Santos is a factory of stars, creating several players without spending anything. It is a lucky team.

Pele advised the Santos forward to become smarter and stronger on the pitch.

It’s not about fighting back, it is about learning to defend himself.

He is very skilled, he is the best player on the team, so of course will be marked. He has to learn to defend himself.

Maradona, reacting to Pele’s comments, said (via Times Of India):

Instead of taking his night pill, he took the morning pill. He got confused and didn’t know what he was talking about … I suggest next time he take the right pills before making any suggestions and that he should change his doctor.

What he really meant:

“If I’m not the greatest footballer ever, it must be Messi. Anything else is heresy.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“I know exactly what to do about ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ syndrome. It’s my bete noire. ”



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One thought on “Diego Maradona: What he said, really meant and definitely did not

  1. Pele should know but Neymar still has trouble finishing his chances. Messi is good in league but when it comes to the world stage Messi sucks wind. He plays like crap. Pele he isn’t. Maradona was great on the world stage two. For me Pele is number Maradona number two. Messis couldn’t carry either Pele’s or Maradona’s jock strap.


    Posted by thegeeman | December 4, 2011, 2:28 AM

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