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An open letter to Chris Henry Gayle

English: Chris Gayle on the field at the Telst...

Chris Gayle on the field at the Telstra Dome during an ICC Super Series 2005 cricket match. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Chris:

Say, that was some stunt you pulled the other day on Australian national television during the Big Bash.

While there’s nothing wrong with asking a lady out, there’s something inherently wrong about doing it when she’s going about her job and embarrassing her in front of millions of viewers.

If you really needed a date, you should have walked down to the nearest bar after your game, and tried to chat up someone there.

Did you know Mel McLaughlin that well, that you felt you could do something so crazy and simply laugh it off?

And if you really, really desperately needed to ask Mel out, you could simply have done it on a one-to-one basis in a more private setting.

As for all the cries about sexual harassment, I’ll leave it to the fairer sex to call you out on that.

You were one of my earliest followers on my Facebook page and we were even Facebook friends for a brief while—all this, when I was posting my blog on Bleacher Report (I believe it has some reach in the Caribbean; Mike Hussey followed me on Twitter too but then that’s another story).

Mike Hussey at a training session at the Adela...

Mike Hussey at a training session at the Adelaide Oval (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what’s the real story, Chris?

I was one of your supporters when you were having trouble with the West Indies Cricket Board. I couldn’t believe that the West Indies could leave out a player who has two triple centuries in Test cricket. It’s not as though the West Indies have been churning out Brian Lara clones since his exit from the game.

“Don’t blush, baby,” really, that’s all you had to add after your public gaffe.

And what’s this crap about “pockets empty” on Instagram, the fine of 10,000 Australian dollars is just a drop in the ocean for you. You deserve it, man.

Pockets are empty so @djbravo47 paying the dinner bill tonight … Let's roll DJ. #Champion

A photo posted by Chris Gayle (@chrisgayle333) on

There was a time when you were flirting with the idea of publishing an autobiography but then decided against it.

I agreed, then, that it was a bad idea best left until you retired from the game. After all, why rile your colleagues while you’re still playing? Besides, you still had some good years in you.

Well, Chris, you’ve irritated a lot of your fans now and can surely do better.

I’m sure that your autobiography will be much awaited when it actually hit the stands.

Your fans would all like to know what actually makes Chris Henry Gayle tick—like this.


A disappointed fan.

Dwayne Bravo: What he said, really meant and definitely didn’t

English: Dwayne Bravo at KFC Twenty20 BigBash ...

English: Dwayne Bravo at KFC Twenty20 BigBash – WA v VIC, 10 January 2010, WACA Ground (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dwayne Bravo states his case to the West Indies Players Association (WIPA).

What he said:

“We believe we are being hoodwinked and are being treated like little school boys, yet we are being asked perform and play against professionals.”

Current Windies team skipper, Dwayne Bravo, makes no bones about his displeasure with the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) whereby Test/ODI/T20 fees have reduced by 75%.

The West Indians are in India to take part in a five match ODI series. The players are considering striking in protest against the agreement signed by WIPA President Wavell Hinds with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) without player inputs.

In a letter addressed to Hinds on his squad’s behalf, Bravo outlined the disputed items as follows:

1) Our Test/ODI/T20 fees have been decreased by 75%.
2) No compensation for the use of our rights. That has been decreased by 100%.
3) Our ICC fees have been decreased by close to 100%.

He further requested Hinds to question the WICB on the following points:

1) Have the WICB Board members and staff taken a pay cut as we are being asked to do or at all. Our information is that staff have been increased both in numbers and their salaries.
2) Have the WICB declared their million dollar television deal
3) Have the WICB declared how much they are being paid extra for the matches outside of the FTP like this India tour.
4) Have the WICB declared what they are getting from the sale of CPL to Digicel our most lucrative tournament.
5) Have the WICB declared what they are getting from Digicel as the team sponsor.
6) Have they declared their financial arrangements with Governments for the international and regional home series.

What Dwayne Bravo really meant:

“The players draw in the crowds and the WICB profits from their efforts. Why are we being treated like errant schoolboys without any say or input into how West Indian cricket is  to be run or administered? Are we clueless or numbskulls or simply freaks who entertain?”

What he definitely didn’t:

“Let’s discuss this over drinks during the first ODI at Kochi on the 8th.”

Club Over Country:Insular Indians wake up to dangers of IPL

Taken from http://india.usembassy.gov/gallery2...

Let’s go ahead and admit it.

India, as a cricketing nation, is insular.

In the great ‘club versus country’ debate, Indian fans did not blink an eye when Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard figuratively gave the West Indian Cricket Board (WICB) the finger and plonked themselves at the IPL in the furnace-like heat of an Indian summer.

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Club over country: Sachin Tendulkar only cricketer to pass polygraph test (Satire)

Sachin Tendulkar, Indian cricketer. 4 Test ser...


The “club over country” debate took a controversial fresh turn when the ICC and the BCCI released details of polygraph tests administered to a select bunch of international cricketers participating in the IPL.

Heeding complaints from fans and under intense media pressure and scrutiny, the BCCI roped in the country’s premier investigative agency ,the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) , to conduct a series of lie detector tests on certain high-profile players.

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IPL Pay Packets May Get Thinner and the IPL Leaner and Meaner

A photo of a match between Chennai SuperKings ...

Image via Wikipedia

Pay packets in IPL4 will be much leaner than in the past three editions.

The simple reason is that supply now exceeds demand.

With the reduction in the no. of IPL teams to eight and Kochi showing no signs of having their house in order for the 6 pm deadline on  Wednesday, 20th October 2010, IPL4 will be a much leaner, much meaner tournament.

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