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Om Yun Chol: What he said, really meant and definitely didn’t

Om Yun Chol

What he said:

“Have you ever heard that an egg can break a stone?”

North Korean weightlifting champion, Om Yun Chol,  nonpluses journalists at the Incheon Asian Games with a seeming riddle.

The 1.52 metres (five feet) tall North Korean athlete weighing just 56 kilograms (123 pounds)  cleared up the confusion saying that it was a recipe for success propounded by their great leader Marshal Kim Jong Un.

“Take one egg.

Add an idea.

Break a stone with said egg.


is the great man’s mantra.

The North Korean athletes left no stone unturned in professing their love and dedication to their great leader.

Kim Un Guk said:

“In the past, not only for the 17th Asian Games, I had some trouble with my waist. 

But thanks to the warm care of the Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, I did not feel any trouble in treating the trouble on my waist. So, the warm care and great love of Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un has given me the opportunity to be the champion.”

Another North Korean coach said:

“Our Great Leader has improved all the sports facilities 100 percent and the popularity of weightlifting among North Koreans is very high.

We have a lot of young kids training in weightlifting now and Great Leader Kim Jong Un tries to showcase weightlifting as much as possible.

We all eat the same things together and we train in good facilities, not just in Pyongyang but all over the country.”

What Om Yun Chol really meant:

“Ideas can move mountains.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“How will you have your eggs? Hard-boiled, scrambled or sunny side up? Stone-cold, perhaps? Have a stony seat while I rustle them up. What an idea!”


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